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Cottage with Pets-Mertxenea

Casa rural con mascotas, Mertxenea


In Mertxenea pets are welcome. We were clear from the beginning that our house could and should also be a large pet-friendly space. We are aware that, nowadays, more and more people have a pet, and that this is one more member of the family. So we also welcome your pets in the confidence that you know how to care for them and you know how to take care of the environment in which they are.

Cottage with Pets, Mertxenea

In the house they have a large garden to be and run to their air, without fear of escaping because the farm is fenced on all four sides. We are sure that your pets will like the house and enjoy the stay in it as much as Vosotrso.

Our experience with pet owners has always been very satisfying, and we know that you are responsible owners. We only ask for two details. One is that, please, recojáis your droppings from the garden, if any. And two, our neighbors farmers ask us when you go for a walk around, do not let your pet enter their fields to run, and so do not crush the cereal that is growing.

Cottage with Pets-Mertxenea in Elcano

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Mertxenea in Elcano, Navarra

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