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Cottages near PAMPLONA

Rural houses near PAMPLONA-ELCANO, Mertxenea.


Huarte-Pamplona has all the services, including a large shopping mall with numerous shops, restaurants and a large supermarket. It is accessed very comfortably and without having to enter Huarte-Pamplona. It’s only 4km away.

To buy:

ITAROA Shopping Center

Highly recommended;


The Baker of Eugui


 Iriguibel Butcher

To eat:

 Grill Zubiondo

 Grill Lizarraga

 Posada de Sorauren

Ekai restaurant, in Ekai de Lónguida at 12 Km

Asador Beti-Jai in Aoiz, 15 km away.

Restaurant La Hacienda in Mutilva, 8 km away.

Holiday Cottages near Pamplona-Mertxenea

What to do

Very close to Elcano are the Gorraiz golf course and the Oteiza Museum, in the village of Alzuza


JORGE OTEIZA Foundation-Museum

For walking or hiking in the valley:

Itineraries in the Valley

And if you like to ride a road bike, from here you have magnificent routes through the same valley of Eguës, the Valley of Erro, Aoiz, Itoiz, Oroz Betelu, Espinal and the valleys of Unciti and Monreal… The same places where day after day the Indurain brothers trained.

The valley is also ideal for mountain biking. It has soft slopes all around it, on its southern slope, and numerous roads and routes through the Sierra de Aranguren, also on the south side of the valley.

Holiday Cottages near Pamplona-Mertxenea in Elcano

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Mertxenea in Elcano-Navarra

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